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Summer Melon Salad

Serves 6
We suggest pairing with our Block 21 Sauvignon Blanc

1 ea Melon, Charantaise, rind and seeds removed, cut into 1/8” strips
1 ea Melon, Sharlynn, rind and seeds removed, cut into 1” thick large diamonds
1 ea Melon, Galia, rind and seeds removed, cut into large batons
½ ea. Watermelon, small Red, rind removed, cut into large dice
½ ea. Watermelon, small Yellow, rind removed, cut into large dice
¼ Cup red wine pickling liquid (recipe follows)
2 Tbsp White verjus
2 ea. Tomatoes, Roma, fleshed removed and reserved for another purpose
(this recipe is after the seed pockets inside the tomato, also known as tomato caviar)
1 ea. Lemon
Maldon Salt
Lemon Oil
16 ea. Chervil pluches

Red Wine Pickling Liquid
Yield 2 Cups
1 Cup Vinegar, red wine vinegar
½ Cup Water
½ Cup Sugar

1) Place all ingredients in a pot and bring to a boil.  Allow to cool completely before use.

1) Season the charantaise and sharlynn melons with a small squeeze of lemon juice
2) Season the Galia melons and yellow watermelons with 1 Tbsp of verjus each
3) Season the red watermelons with red wine pickling liquid
4) Artfully arrange the melons among the two platters.
5) Cut the tomato caviar away from the core of the tomatoes (there should be three seed pockes) and arrange among the platters
6) Generously eason the fruit with lemon oil. 
7) Dot the fruit with lemon zest and then finish with maldon salt
8) Garnish with chervil pluches.
9) Serve chilled.

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