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Focaccia Recipe

Memo's in the kitchen making fresh Focaccia
Memo's in the kitchen making fresh Focaccia, enjoy!

Yield 2 Full Sheet Trays
(Restaurant Tray size)

For best results we do not recommend that you half this recipe.


7.5 lbs bread flour
5 C warm water
2 C warm milk
1 C Roasted Garlic-Roasted and squeezed out.
4 oz Salt
3.5 oz fresh yeast
1 C olive oil
Plus ½ C water


Combine all ingredients but the ½ cup of water in a large mixer at speed 1 for 3 min
Slowly add the ½ cup of water
Mix on speed 2 for 8 min
Separate into 2 portions, cover with plastic and let rise for 30-45 min.
Coat a sheet tray with olive oil
Roll out and transfer to sheet trays
Poke tops with fingertips to press into sheet trays
Dough will rise more in the trays so let sit rise for 20-40 min more
Poke tops again and then brush tops with olive oil
Bake at 400-450 for 20 minutes-look for a golden brown color. Be sure to rotate the baking sheet every 5 minutes while cooking.
While hot you can sprinkle with sea salt and fresh rosemary.
Transfer to rack to cool


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